University of Texas Online Consortium

Texas Information System (TIS) Login Instructions

Step 1: Identify your TIS username and password.

  • If you have registered through the campus at which you are pursuing a degree (your home campus) for a course offered via the UT Online Consortium (UTOC), your TIS username and password have already been configured. Follow Option 1 instructions below.
  • If you have never registered for a course offered through the UTOC (or the UT TeleCampus), Follow Option 2 instructions below to create your TIS username and password.

Option 1: (see qualifier above)

If you registered for a UTOC course through your home campus, your TIS account will be created when the home campus uploads the class roster, just prior to the start of the semester. When your account is created, two e-mails are sent to the e-mail address on your student account at your home campus. One e-mail includes your TIS username and the other has your TIS password. If you no longer have the e-mails that included your username and password, follow the format below to log into the TIS.

If you are a UT Austin home campus student, your TIS username and password do not follow the format below. If you no longer have the e-mails that were sent to you containing your TIS username and password, call 888-TEXAS-16 (toll free), Mon–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Central Time.

  • TIS username = the first letter of your first name + the first four characters of your last name + the two digit month and two digit date of birth (mmdd)
  • TIS password = your home campus student ID


Home Campus Name Student ID DOB Username Password


Jane McCoy






John Doe






Gretchen Hanslik





UTRGV Jose Gonzalez 12345678 06/11/1957 jgonz0611 12345678


Maria Garcia





Please note that, for an account created by a class roster feed, TIS usernames and passwords are made up of all lower case letters and have no spaces. Also, please be sure to use the same name you gave your home campus. For example, Bill Smith would have a different username (bsmitxxxx) than would William Smith (wsmitxxxx).

Option 2: (see qualifier above)

Go to the TIS login page and click on the "Create Student Account" link. Complete your TIS profile information and create your own TIS username and password.

As you create your account, you will be prompted to enter your home campus student ID. You should not enter your social security number (SSN) as your student ID. If you are unsure what your student ID is, please confirm your student ID with your home campus before creating an account. For more information, see Identifying your home campus student ID.

Step 2: Log into the TIS using your username and password.

TIS usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Be sure you are typing them correctly.

Step 3: Use the TIS.

Once inside the TIS, you will find the following functions:

  • Manage Account – Update your TIS student profile, change your TIS username or password.
  • Registration Requests – Track progress of registration requests.
  • UTOC Enrollment – Verify your registration. Review your UTOC enrollment history.
  • Course Schedule – View courses that will be offered in the next semester, submit registration requests for courses offered by campuses other than your home campus.